Tuesday, 2 July 2013

3 July 2013 Research Questions:

1)  if Aurora Borealis, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles and atoms in the high altitude atmosphere, how do these factors affect the Aurora Borealis? For example, the colour(s) of the Aurora Borealis?

2) Since the incident angle of light is equal to the reflected ray, is the 'incident' ray of sound equal to the 'reflection' ray of sound? 

3) How long it takes for a tennis ball to lose its "bounce"?

Methods used

1) Set up the equipment needed for the experiment.
2) Play the camera      
3) Kick a certain part of the ball
4) Repeat step 3 three times
5) Repeat step 3&4, but with a different part of the ball kicked this time.    

6) Write down the results

Data analysis:

1) Tabulate all the trajectories with accordance to which part of the ball is being kicked at
2) Observe and see if there is a relationship between where the ball is kicked and the trajectory of the ball

2 July What is science?

Science is the study of systems involving the structures and behaviours of the physical and natural environment through observation and experimentation.