5. Conclusion

5. Conclusions
We have found out that in general, apple peels are the most productive in filtering contaminants from water.

5.1 Summary of findings
From our experiment, apple peels were the most effective in removing contaminants from polluted water. Apple peel removed the most amount of calcium among the three fruits.

5.2 Practical Applications
Fruits, which are inexpensive to obtain, offer an inexpensive and easy way to filter water so that people in third world regions can have easier access to clean drinking water, thus saving millions from dying of lack of water.

5.3 Areas for further study

Areas for further study include how can we allow the fruit peel to be used for longer periods of time without decomposing. Secondly, are there any more fruits which can filter water more effectively than apples and lastly, can we build a filtration system which can be used to filter water with fruit peel easily?

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