1. Introduction

1. Introduction  
The aim of this project is to find out which of the following fruit peels, apple, banana or oranges, would be most effective in removing contaminants from polluted water. This will help us find a way to remove contamination from polluted water using inexpensive methods, which will help us provide easier access to clean drinking water in developing countries.

1.1 Background Research  
In a recent research in January 2013, NUS professor Ramakrishna Mallampati has already completed a research to find out if apple and tomato peels are able to filter contaminated water. In his experiment, the scope of research was only limited to apples and tomatoes. However, there are currently many controversies and doubts on whether fruit peel can truly filter water. Many parties have also voiced out their concerns of fruit peel decomposing in the filter system, thus polluting water more instead of purifying them.

1.2 Research Question
Can fruit peels remove contaminants from water? If so, fruit peel, apple,orange or banana is the most effective in doing so?

1.3 Hypothesis
Apple, Orange and Banana peel will be able to remove contaminants from water. Apple peel, will particularly be the most effective in doing so as compared to other fruit peels.

1.3.1 Independent variable(s)
Independent variable is the type of fruit peel used in the process of filtering the contaminated water.

1.3.2 Dependent variable
Dependent variable is the resultant quality of water after the filtering process

1.3.3 Constants
Constants include:
1) Source of water which is the school pond
2) Temperature of surroundings
3) Humidity of surroundings
4) Volume of water used

5) Mass of fruit peel used

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